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xx [22/06/14] Update regarding towns
June 22, 2014, 11:11:09 PM by xP// Xenoyia
Hi all,

I highly recommend against starting a town in the current world - while you'll keep your inventory and cash, your town won't be carried over if 1.8 releases before the beta is over. It looks like a LOT of changes are being made in the 1.8 world generation - from new mobs to new dungeons + naturally generated blocks. It'll be better to let you know not to do it now than to wait until 1.8 and have to lose all your progress.

You're still welcome to start towns, but please remember it won't be able to be carried over - The price you pay for the town will be wholly refunded during the move so you won't lose any cash from it, however.
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xx [20/06/14] Update #G7002
June 20, 2014, 08:00:48 PM by xP// Xenoyia
Hi there, updates are short and sweet this time:

- Added multiinv for future creative introduction.
- Added portal to nether at /spawn, world should work fine. Tried adding creative but it appears to be broken at the moment.
- Removed the junker job.
- Reduced town plot tax by 1/2.
- Catacombs loot list has been updated, it's now awesome.

Getting closer and closer to release!
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